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Celebrating Family Diversity

FamiliesWe believe that Families are Who You Love.

Our families all look different and it's always been so. A family caregiving unit might consist of:

a couple; a mother, father and children; a single parent and child; same-sex parents and children;
grandparent and grandchildren; a sibling group; a circle of friends;
or however that family defines itself. 

The BC Council for Families works to strengthen and support family relationships whatever they look like.

Families are the Foundation

In all its diversity, the family is the foundation of society. It's where we come into the world, are nurtured and given the tools to go out into the world, capable and healthy—or we aren't. While families have the greatest potential for raising healthy citizens, they can also wound their members in places that will never heal.

When families break down and fail to provide the healthy nurturance we need, the effects reverberate not only in our own lives, but throughout our communities.

In other words, we all pay for unhealthy families.

If we ignore the suffering, we suffer the consequences, including:

    •    alienation and fear, as our neighbourhoods turn into places where we no longer feel safe
    •    violence and crime
    •    lost productivity
    •    the costs of medical care for victims, policing, courts and prisons

That's why the BC Council for Families advocates for prevention and early support of families. This approach strengthens families' ability to care for their own members, and reduces risk and the potential for problems.

Prevention Strengthens Families

Throughout our long history, the BC Council for Families has consistently advocated that prevention, promotion and early support must become a valued and essential part of the continuum of supports and services to children, youth and families.

By strengthening and supporting families through information, education, research and advocacy, we believe we can reduce the risks for families and prevent problems before they start.

This message underlies everything we do.

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