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Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Singing, rhyming, telling stories.  Creating memories for life.
By spending time with your baby or toddler in a Parent-Child Mother Goose program you'll discover a whole new world of joyful interaction.  Nourish your child's brain development and growing social skills.  Meet and share with other parents of young children.

This ten-week program is a relaxed and social way to build on your parenting strengths and learn new ways of playing, soothing, and having fun with your child.

You Benefit

  • You'll gain confidence as a parent.
  • You'll positively affect your children's development and learning.
  • Learn to use songs and rhymes to soothe and comfort your baby.
  • Develop a network of friendship and support.

Your Child Benefits

Young children who participate in Parent-Child Mother Goose gain in so many ways!

  • increased language, pre-literacy, and cognitive skills
  • enhanced confidence, self-esteem
  • developing social skills

Together, You'll ...

  • learn a repertoire of rhymes, songs and stories to enjoy forever
  • strengthen your parent-child bond
  • establish a healthy relationship to last a lifetime!

What's a Program like?

Watch the video!

parents say ...

"It was the foundation for life-long friendships for myself and my son."

"It's a great way to build community with other moms!"

"a fabulous way to bond with our child, to soothe and comfort."

Find a program

Check our program finder to locate a program near you. Alternatively, check with your local family resource program, public library, or neighborhood house to find out about a program in your community.

How much does it cost?

Parent-Child Mother Goose is a free program.

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