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Social & Emotional Development in the Early Years

Nov 14

David Sheftel
Program Coordinator

The Early Years are a fascinating and often mysterious time. Copious amounts of information exists while much is still unknown. The process of deciphering, staying current and combining this knowledge into our daily practice can be challenging.

Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years is the title of a series of presentations and supporting resources produced by The BC Healthy Child Development Alliance. The aim of these workshops and accompanying resources is to promote a basic understanding of the social and emotional development of children in their early years, including signs that may indicate the need for additional support, strategies to promote mental health, and local resources. Topics such as attachment, building parent-child relationships, early brain development and how stress affects children are explored, supported by research from recognized organizations such as the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and Zero to Three, among others.
Developed around a flexible model, the content can be delivered in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute versions of the workshop, with accompanying handouts and references to allow the presenter to tailor their workshop to the audience. With versions of the presentation targeted to ECD and parent support providers, health care providers and child welfare workers, each with its own focus and material suited to that audience, there really is something for everyone.
Both Ruby Banga and myself attended the training on delivering these workshops, and would be happy to discuss with other agencies and programs about how this presentation could be beneficial for staff, or for parents who use your programs.
The BC Council for Families has also developed a number of workshops, trainings and presentations on how home visitors and family support workers can help parents develop healthy attachment with their children. If you are interested in one of these training please contact us.

Also, the next Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting training will be held in February 2012. Space is limited, register today!

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