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Making Space for Kids in Our Communities

Dec 05

by Marilee Peters
Acting Executive Director
Parents often hear that kids are spending too much time online or in scheduled activities, yet in many urban neighborhoods there are few other safe options for children. This is an issue that's bigger than individual families -- it's become a social issue that demands innovative community planning approaches, among other kinds of solutions.  

It's an issue that's attracted the attention of the Craigslist Foundation.  Yes, that Craigslist -- the same people who brought you a great place to sell your used couch online are giving back to communities through the Craigslist Foundation, creating resources, tools, ideas and conversations on ways to strengthen our neighborhoods and communities. 

You can listen to a podcast of University of California at Berkeley Professor David L.Kirp asking what communites can do for kids, and tune in to Playborhood founder Mike Lanza's strategies to encourage play on your block.  In his podcast, Neighborhood Play, Every Day, Mike talks about how to recreate a life of play and freedom for children that has largely disappeared from today's urban communities.  His concern?  Kids are losing out on building autonomy and independence as a result of fewer chances for unstructured play. His manifesto:  "I want my kids to play outside with others from their neighborhood every day."  His solution?  He has six, but to learn them, you'll have to listen in to his podcast.

PS: if you've listened to a podcast or watched a video recently that you found really valuable -- let us know and we'll share it!  Whether it's about parenting,  building community, facilitating groups, supporting vulnerable families, or exciting new research, if you found it interesting we're sure to find it fascinating too.  And and so will lots of other HealthyFamilies readers around BC. 

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