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Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

Building on parenting strengths to overcome challenges.
Nobody's Perfect is proven to produce key changes in parenting that reduces risk in families experiencing crisis. Become a part of a growing community of facilitators supporting parents and their young children. Learn more about this proven and effective parenting program.

Strengthen family life

Support parents who need it most by becoming a trained Nobody's Perfect facilitator! Find out more about what it means to facilitate a session, what happens in training and how to register. We look forward to sharing this exciting and innovative program with you!

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for Nobody's Perfect Facilitators

Looking for program monitoring forms? Need to order materials for your Nobody's Perfect program? Want to know about professional development opportunities? Find all that and more -- stay updated on Nobody's Perfect with the latest research.

Resources and Support

New Nobody's Perfect Fact Sheets

Download our brand-new fact sheets! With helpful parenting tips on a variety of subjects, these fact sheets are a great resource for parents. Available in English and French.

English: Behaviour | Body | Mind | Parent | Safety

French: La Securite | La Comportement | Le Corps | Le Developpement | Les Parents

Parenting Kit Update

The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program has run out of English Parent Kits. The Parent Kits are being updated, and are no longer being printed at a National level. There is no release date for the updated books, so please use the Parent Fact Sheets in the meantime with your groups.

The fact sheets are based on updated content from the new books, and are free to download and print. You can print them in colour, but they were designed to look just as nice in black and white.

The fact sheets can be found on our website at: http://www.bccf.ca/professionals/programs/nobodys-perfect

Contact Us

Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program
Provincial Coordinator: Ruby Banga

604 678 8884 | NobodysPerfect@bccf.ca

Funding for this program has been provided by:

Provincial Health Services Authority

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by Erica Simmonds 
Communications and Administrative Assistant 

One in five children in BC are poor, according to the BC 2014 Child Poverty Report Card. 

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