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Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Discover the pleasure and power of rhymes, songs and stories.

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® is a group experience for parents, their babies and young children. Learn more about this preventative program and how it fosters positive family patterns during the crucial early years.

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Provide a safe entry point for other community/parenting services and instill life-long preventative skills as a Parent-Child Mother Goose teacher! Find out more about teaching the program, what happens in training and how to register.  We look forward to sharing our songs, rhymes and stories with you!

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Program reporting? Ordering resources? Find all that here. Stay informed about research, events, notices and advanced workshops. Promote your session and find out how to host a teacher training.

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Parent-Child Mother Goose in BC
Program Coordinator: Beth Hutchinson
604 678 8884 | mgoosebc@bccf.ca

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  • Oct 24
    Join us in beautiful Nanaimo for Caring with Strength: Resilience and Empowerment in Family Service, the annual conference of the Alliance of Professionals Serving Young Parents and the BC Council for Families. With two full days of interactive workshops, discussions and networking opportunities, and a focus on self-empowerment, self-advocacy and resilience, this year’s conference promises to inspire, move and motivate you.
  • Nov 17
    This engaging, interactive training program is packed with information, discussion, and activities specifically designed to ensure home visitors will emerge with the knowledge and practical skills to implement successful services for families.
  • Dec 01
    Nobody’s Perfect is a parenting education program where parents can safely share their experiences and concerns and receive the support of other parents – in addition to the support and resources brought by two skilled and knowledgeable facilitators.
Oct 08

by Tina Albrecht
Communications Director

Conflict and inter-parental aggression in the home can have lasting affects on children’s ability to control their emotions, says a new study. 

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