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Time with Dad Reduced Bullying

Feb 14

by David Sheftel
Program Coordinator, BC Council for Families

Researchers have proposed many theories for the causes of bullying behaviour in young people, including punitive discipline methods in the home, insecure early childhood attachment with caregivers, and temperament of the child. Now, new research shows that the amount of time a father spends with his child can affect the child's tendencies toward bullying behaviour.

Father's Day Feedback

Jun 14

BC Council for Families Blogger: David Sheftel
Thanks to all the people and agencies who requested the Dads For Life kits we told you about last week. The response was overwhelming! Over 50 agencies and programs told us about Father’s Day events or father involvement initiatives they were running. We had just 200 kits, which we gave away to the first 10 agencies who contacted us. We would have loved to have enough to give them to everyone!

Father's Day Giveaway

Jun 07

Looking for a great giveaway for Dads in your community this Father's Day? The BC Council for Families and the Father Involvement Network of BC are happy to offer father-support programs the Dads for Life Toolkits to hand out to fathers as part of a Father's Day event or activity.

Dads and Depression

May 27

BC Council for Families
While it's widely known that some mothers suffer from postpartum depression, current research is now suggesting that new fathers may become depressed after childbirth, too.

4 Communities, 600 km of Driving, and 10 Hours of Presentations

May 20

BC Council for Families Blogger: David Sheftel
4 Communities, 600 km of Driving, and 10 Hours of Presentations -- that's what went into participating in the Navigating Childhood series of conferences in the East Kootenays region of BC this month. I was speaking on The Father Factor - the need to encourage and support fathers to be more involved in their children's and families' lives. Through research, best practice information, resources, and discussions, I strove to stimulate participants to open their minds and their practices to the importance of fathers.

Building Involved Dads, Confident Moms

Apr 06

BC Council for Families

Research has proven conclusively that involved fathers make a positive difference in the healthy development of their children. Now, a recent study from the University of Texas at Austin asks, how do involved fathers affect their partner's feelings of competence as parents? How are mothers impacted when fathers are highly involved in the day-to-day care of children?

Focus on Fathering with FIN-BC

Nov 06

coverJoin BC’s fathering advocates, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from organizations large and small for an exciting one-day forum, Focus on Fathering, in Burnaby this coming January.

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