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Research and Parenting: How Much is Too Much?

Jan 16

by Jennifer Dales
Director of Programs

If you're like me, you're always looking for a reason to explain away your less-than-perfectly-clean house.  Wouldn't it be great if we could rationalize the dust-bunnies as a strategy for protecting our kids from developing allergies? But while recent media reports about a new allergy study out of McGill university may have had you hoping for a reprieve from vacuuming, don't get too excited.

Earning Baby's Trust

Dec 20

Cara Hykawy
Communications Assistant
Are you trustworthy? Your baby might just know the answer.

New evidence from a study by the Concordia University Department of Psychology suggests that babies as young as 14 months are able to make the basic distinction as to whether an adult is reliable or not.

Parent Support Leads to Academic Success

Dec 20

Pilar Onatra
Program Coordinator
Parents know that it is important to spend time reading with their children but sometimes lack of time and confidence in their skills can act as barriers.  For these parents, there is good news - according to recent data from an OECD study on student performance in over 70 countries, parents need neither PhDs or unlimited hours in order to make a significant contribution to their children's school success.

Pressure to be Perfect Undermines Parenting

Dec 05

by Ruby Banga
Program Coordinator

All parents want to do the best job they can, but when parents feel they're expected to be perfect, the result is decreased confidence in their own abilities and increased stress.  Those are the findings of a new study out of Ohio State University's Couples and Kids Lab, where researchers are studying the transition to parenthood.

Birds and Bees vs. Weight Control

Sep 27

by Tina Albrecht
Communications Manager

Which discussion would you rather have with your kids:  the "birds and the bees talk" or the "weight talk"?

Parental Leave, Why is it so Important?

Aug 22

by Tina Albrecht
Communications, BC Council for Families

Parenting Styles Affect Children's Mental Health

Aug 22

by Ruby Banga
Program Coordinator

Can the way you parent really affect your child's mental health?

How is Dad Doing? New research on Fathers

Aug 15

by David Sheftel
Program Coordinator, BC Council for Families

More involved than ever before, yet also more absent.  That's the contradictory nature of fathering today, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, a US-based social thinktank. 

Speaking Out for Parents

Aug 08

by Jennifer Dales

Mimi Hudson has a pretty good handle on what kids need to ensure their  healthy development.  As Director of Community Programs at Family Services of the North Shore, she's been coordinating the agency's family resource program since 1996, and has seen hundreds of families pass through the programs' doors.

Childhood Obesity Parenting Controversy

Jul 18

by Marilee Peters
Director of Communications

A Harvard doctor has set off a panic among American parents with the suggestion that in the most severe cases of childhood obesity, the state should intervene and remove the child from the home.

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