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Eastside Family Place Society Anda Gavala


Eastside Family Place is a provincially-certified family resource program offering early-years parenting and family support programs and services. Our Drop-In Centre features age-appropriate toys and activities for preschool children, ages newborn to early six years, and a variety of resources for parents and caregivers, including parenting, early-literacy, health, safety, self-care and other workshops and groups of interest to parents of very young children. Please come and join us! We have been a home away from home for many families, since 1979. We hold two Nobody's Perfect Parenting groups each year. We also have another parenting program called Collective of Parents Empowered (C.O.P.E.) that is similar to NP but longer and deeper in scope, as it runs for 10 weeks, 3 times per year. Parents can attend all 3 sessions, i.e. 30 weeks. Many strong friendships are formed, as parents are able to explore their personal, relationship and parenting issues in a dynamic, safe and diverse setting.